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  • IMP’s Publisher, Susan J. Demas, brings more than 12 years of experience in political journalism, completing a Knight Foundation fellowship in campaign finance and specializing in poll analysis. Susan’s work has been featured in more than more than 70 national, international and regional media outlets including NBC News, Newsweek, Forbes, The Economist, National Public Radio, the Australian Broadcast Corp., Politico, The Atlantic, Guardian U.K., Bloomberg News and Reuters.
  • IMP's Associate Editor, Bill Ballenger, is one of Michigan's top political handicappers. For example, IMP picked the winners of 96.4% of all judicial races in the 2012 general election at the state and local levels. Even more amazingly, IMP picked the winners in 87.1% of all non-partisan judicial races with open seats or where incumbents were challenged. Here's more:
  • In campaign 2008, Barack Obama wound up carrying Michigan over John McCain by 58%-42%. That's precisely the breakdown Bill Ballenger gave news media the week before the election.
  • IMP wrote, too, that "all...Michigan(U.S. House) incumbents of both parties should breeze to re-election" in 2008 except in the 7th and 9th congressional district where Democratic challengers would knock off the incumbents. That's precisely what occurred.
  • A full year before the election, IMP foresaw that the House GOP would suffer big losses in the State House of Representatives in 2008 and fall even deeper into the minority. IMP was right on target; the Republicans' deficit was reduced from 52-58 to 43-67 --- the steepest drop since the Great Depression. Ballenger also predicted the House GOP would come roaring back in 2010, and it did, regaining the majority.
  • IMP told you that the state education races in 2012 were likely to turn out exactly the way they did back in 2006 and 2008, when the Democratic nominees swept all eight. That is exactly what happened.
  • Every six months, IMP commissions and reports polls on a wide variety of candidates and issues.  Furthermore, as an IMP subscriber, you’ll get a free copy of any poll’s “cross tabulations” (according to geography, age, income level, sex, education, etc.) if you request it.