WMEM featuring IMP's Susan Demas

WMEM featuring IMP's Susan Demas

FOX17 featuring IMP's Susan Demas

FOX17 featuring IMP's Susan Demas

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What People are Saying about IMP

Saul Anuzis

"I need the information and insight Inside Michigan Politics provides to help my clients reach their goals. That’s why I subscribe. And that’s why I’ve urged readers of my weekly newsletter, ‘That’s Saul, Folks’ to read IMP, as well."

— Saul Anuzis, national adviser to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and former Michigan Republican Party Chair and GOP National Committeeman

Michael Patrick Shiels

"Inside Michigan Politics provides sharp insights into the Michigan political scene and down-the-middle analysis of who’s winning, losing and why – without ‘fear or favor’ (and without political clichés like that one!) IMP historically and currently is ‘must read.’ (Oops I did it again there!)"

— Michael Patrick Shiels, host of the syndicated radio program, “Michigan’s Big Show”

Kelly Rossman-McKinney

"I trust Inside Michigan Politics to tell me what’s really going on in politics. My bipartisan communications team relies on IMP’s one-of-a-kind analysis and insight so we can better help our clients. I’m also proud to support another female-owned business, and appreciate what Publisher Susan J. Demas has brought to Inside Michigan Politics."

— Kelly Rossman-McKinney, CEO and and Principal of Lansing-based Truscott Rossman public relations, 2015 MIRS/EPIC-MRA Insider Survey Most Effective Public Relations Professional

Debbie Dingell

"When I want to know what's happening in Michigan politics and policy –– and what will happen next –– I read Inside Michigan Politics. Publisher Susan J. Demas' sharp and insightful analysis of the Michigan political scene is second-to-none."

— Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI 12), former Democratic National Committeewoman and Chair of the Wayne State University Board of Governors

Bonus They Said It:

Donald Trump

“What’s happened to you people is disgraceful. Mexico is becoming the car capital of the world. … If you get laid off Tuesday, I still want you to vote. I’ll get you a new job. This is why I am leading in Michigan –– I like cars.”

–– Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump bringing down the a Macomb County rally before Michigan’s March 8 primary (3/4).