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Want to how the 2018 gubernatorial and U.S. senatorial races are already shaping up? Look no further. We also have every poll in the 2016 presidential race in Michigan, as well as Gov. Rick Snyder’s ratings. 

The 2018 Race for Michigan Governor:

Polling GroupDatesResults
Mitchell ResearchSept. 21-24, 2017GOP PRIMARY: Bill Schuette, 52%; Brian Calley, 13%
Marketing Resource Group (MRG)Sept. 13-18, 2017GOP PRIMARY: Bill Schuette, 33%; Brian Calley, 13%; Pat Colbeck, 3%; Jim Hines, 3%
DEM PRIMARY: Gretchen Whitmer, 27%; Bill Cobbs, 8%; Abdul El-Sayed, 4%; Shri Thanedar, 3%
EPIC-MRAAug. 27-Sept. 1, 2017Bill Schuette (R) tied with Gretchen Whitmer (D), 37%; Schuette over Geoffrey Fieger (D), 43%-33%.
Target InsyghtJuly 25-27, 2017GOP PRIMARY: Bill Schuette, 42%; Brian Calley, 14%; Pat Colbeck, 4%; Jim Hines, 1%
DEM PRIMARY: Geoffrey Fieger, 26%; Gretchen Whitmer, 24%; Abdul El-Sayed, 9%
Mitchell ResearchMay 31, 2017GOP PRIMARY: Candice Miller, 21%; Bill Schuette, 18%; Brian Calley, 14%; Jim Hines, 1%
Marketing Resource Group (MRG)May 8-11, 2017GOP PRIMARY: Bill Schuette, 32%; Brian Calley, 11%; Jim Hines, 7%
DEM PRIMARY: Gretchen Whitmer, 27%; Bill Cobbs, 8%; Abdul El-Sayed, 4%; Shri Thanedar, 3%
Inside Michigan Politics/Target InsyghtFeb. 2-4, 2016GOP PRIMARY: Bill Schuette, 21%; Candice Miller; 20%; Brian Calley, 11%; Arlan Meekhof, 3%
DEM PRIMARY: Mike Duggan, 20%; Gretchen Whitmer, 16%; Dan Kildee, 12%; Mark Hackel, 9%
Vanguard Public Affairs/Denno ResearchAug. 4-8, 2015Bill Schuette (R) over Gretchen Whitmer (D), 38%-30%; Schuette (R) over Dan Kildee (D), 38%-30%; Schuette (R) tied with Mark Hackel (D), 35%-35%

The 2018 U.S. Senate Race:

Polling GroupDatesResults
Mitchell Research/Rosetta StoneOct. 1, 2017 Debbie Stabenow (D) over Kid Rock (R), 46%-38%
Marketing Resource Group (MRG)Sept. 13-18, 2017 Debbie Stabenow (D) over Kid Rock (R), 52%-34%
Target InsyghtJuly 25-27, 2017 Debbie Stabenow (D) over Kid Rock (R), 50%-42%

The 2016 Race for President:

Polling GroupDatesResults
Mitchell ResearchNov. 3Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 50-45%
Public Policy PollingNov. 3-4Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 50-44%
Mitchell ResearchNov. 2Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 51-46%
EPIC-MRANov. 1-3Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 42-38%
Mitchell ResearchNov. 1Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 49-44%
Mitchell ResearchOct. 31Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 51-45%
Mitchell ResearchOct. 30Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 51-42%
Mitchell ResearchOct. 25Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 50-44%
Emerson CollegeOct. 25-26Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 50-43%
Mitchell ResearchOct. 23Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 51-43%
EPIC-MRAOct. 22-25Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 41-34%
MRGOct. 16-19Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 46-38%
Mitchell ResearchOct. 11Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 47-37%
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupOct. 10-11Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 47-33%
EPIC-MRAOct. 1-3Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 43-32%
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupSept. 27-28Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 46-39%
Mitchell ResearchSept. 27Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 49-44%
Target Insyght/MIRS/GCSISept.18-24Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 46-44%
UPI/CVOTERSept. 12-25Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 50-46%
Ipsos/ReutersSept. 2-22Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 43-42%
EPIC-MRASept. 10-13Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 42-38%
Mitchell ResearchSept. 6-7Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 47-42%
EmersonAug. 25-28Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 45-40%
SuffolkAug. 22-24Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 44-37%
Mitchell ResearchAug. 9-10Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 49-39%
Washington Post/Survey MonkeyAug. 9-Sept.1Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 46-44%
Detroit Free Press/EPIC-MRAJuly 30-Aug. 4Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 46-36%
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupJuly 30-Aug. 1Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 41-32%
CBS/YouGovJuly 13-15Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 42-39%
Mitchell ResearchJuly 5-11Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 40-34%
Greenberg Quinlan RosnerJune 11-20Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 50-39%
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupMay 24-25Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 43-39%; Bernie Sanders (D) over Trump (R), 52-33%
Survey USAMarch 23-24Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 49-38%
Detroit Free Press/EPIC-MRAMarch 19-22Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 47-37%
NBC/MaristMarch 1-3Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 52%-39%; Clinton (D) over Ted Cruz (R), 44%-39%; Bernie Sanders (D) over Trump (R), 48%-41%; Sanders (D) over Cruz (R), 54%-36%
Marketing Resource Group (MRG)Feb. 22-27Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump (R), 44%-39%; Clinton (D) over Ted Cruz (R), 44%-39%; Marco Rubio (R) over Clinton (D), 43%-41%
EPIC-MRA/ Detroit Free Press/WXYZ-TVJan. 23-26Clinton (D) over Trump (R), 43%-41%
Mitchell Research/WJBK-TVJan. 25Trump (R) over Clinton (D), 47%-43%
Denno ResearchNov. 3-5, 2015Carson (R) over Clinton (D), 38%-36%; Clinton (D) over Trump (R), 42%-34%
EPIC-MRA/ Detroit Free Press/WXYZ-TVOct. 25-31, 2015Carson (R) over Clinton (D), 46%-40%; Carson (R) over Bernie Sanders (D), 45%-36%; Clinton (D) over Trump (R) 46%-38%; Sanders (D) over Trump, 48%-36%
Mitchell Research/WJBK-TVSept. 18, 2015Rubio (R) over Clinton (D), 43%-40%; Clinton (D) and Trump (R), Tie, 42%; Clinton (D) over Bush (R), 42%-37%
Marketing Resource Group (MRG)Sept. 9-14, 2015Bush (R) over Clinton (D), 40%-39%; Carly Fiorina (R) over Clinton (D), 40%-39%; Clinton (D) over Trump (R), 43%-40%
EPIC-MRA/Freep/ WXYZ-TVAug.18-22, 2015Bush (R) over Clinton (D), 45%-40%; Clinton (D) over Trump (R), 44%-42%
Vanguard Public Affairs/Denno ResearchAug. 4-8, 2015Clinton (D) over Trump (R), 43%-32
Public Policy Polling (PPP)June 25-18, 2015Clinton (D) over Bush (R), 47%-38%; Clinton (D) over Carson (R), 49%-41%; Clinton (D) over Chris Christie (R), 44%-38%; Clinton (D) over Cruz (R), 49%-39%; Clinton (D) over Fiorina (R), 46%-38%; Clinton (D) over Mike Huckabee (R), 47%-42%; Clinton (D) over Paul (R), 45%-42%; Clinton (D) over Rubio (R), 46%-44%; Clinton (D) over Trump (R), 49%-39%; Clinton (D) over Walker (R), 46%-42%

Walker (R) over Lincoln Chafee (D), 36%-31%; Walker (R) over Martin O’Malley (D), 37%-32%; Walker (R) over Sanders (D), 39%-35%; Walker (R) over Jim Webb (D), 38%-31%
Glengariff Group/Detroit NewsJune 9-11, 2015Clinton (D) over Bush (R), 46%-37%; Clinton (D) over Rubio (R), 42%-39%; Clinton (D) over Rand Paul (R), 44%-41%

Gov. Rick Snyder's Ratings:

Polling GroupDatesResults
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupSept. 27-28Favorables/Unfavorables: 35% Positive; 52% Negative. Job Approval: 42% Positive; 52% Negative.
EPIC-MRASept.10-13Favorables/Unfavorables: 40% Positive; 51% Negative. Job Approval: 32% Positive; 66% Negative.
Morning ConsultMay-SeptemberJob Approval: 33% Positive; 61% Negative.
Detroit Free Press/EPIC-MRAJuly 30-Aug. 4Favorables/Unfavorables: 38% Positive; 49% Negative. Job Approval: 32% Positive; 66% Negative.
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupJuly 30-Aug. 1Favorables/Unfavorables: 31% Positive; 51% Negative. Job Approval: 40% Positive; 54% Negative.
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupMay 24-26Favorables/Unfavorables: 40% Positive; 50% Negative.
Morning ConsultJanuary-MayJob Approval: 32% Positive; 63% Negative.
Marketing Resource Group (MRG)Feb. 22-27Favorables/Unfavorables Overall: 34% Favorable; 54% Unfavorable. GOP: 64%/23%. Independents: 34%/54%. Democrats: 12%/80%.
IPPSR State of the StateJan. 25-March 26Job Approval: 25% Positive, 44% Negative
EPIC-MRA/Detroit Free PressJan. 23-26Favorables/Unfavorables: 45% Positive; 44% Negative. Job Approval: 39% Positive; 58% Negative. Handling the Flint Water Crisis: 21% Positive; 69% Negative. Should Resign: 69% No; 21% Yes.
Detroit News/Glengariff GroupJune 9-11, 2015Favorables/Unfavorables: 55% Positive; 39% Negative.