Snyder Going for Smaller Super Bowl Buy on Fox News

Susan J. Demas

Susan J. Demas

By Susan J. Demas

Rick Snyder for Michigan is launching an a statewide, $166,000 ad buy on Fox News on Super Bowl Sunday, Inside Michigan Politics confirmed from two well-placed sources today.

As a political unknown, Snyder saw his name recognition soar in the last gubernatorial race after releasing his "One Tough Nerd" ad during the 2010 Super Bowl. He spent $1 million last time to introduce himself to voters.

However, the Republican governor may be going smaller this time.

This confirmed ad buy is with cable news stations in the Detroit, Flint, Traverse City, Lansing and Grand Rapids markets -- not Fox affiliates, which are broadcasting the Super Bowl. The ad runs from Feb. 2 through 16. The total spending is $166,130.

The campaign's decision to advertise on Fox News, which has a strong conservative and senior audience, signals that Snyder wants to shore up these groups.

IMP's bipartisan poll in November indicated that Snyder had a 10-point deficit with voters 65 and older in a matchup with Democrat Mark Schauer. Seniors are the most reliably Republican voting block, but Snyder's 2011 pension tax remains unpopular with voters.