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INSIDE MICHIGAN POLITICS has been the gold standard for political journalism in Michigan since 1987. for almost three decades. IMP readers get unequaled insight into what's really happening in Michigan politics, beyond the talking points and spin. IMP analyzes political and policy trends for several thousand readers, including corporations, trade associations, labor unions, government agencies, the White House and several foreign governments.

IMP comes out biweekly, providing one-of-a-kind, nonpartisan analysis for several thousand readers, including corporations, trade associations, labor unions, government agencies, the White House and several foreign governments. No other Michigan political publication is cited by the media more than IMP.

IMP is your cheat sheet for Michigan politics. We tell you what’s going on behind the scenes and why. Why spend hours scrolling through expensive publications for the information you want, when IMP gives you exactly what you need — with no filler.

As an IMP subscriber, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • IMP Lawmaker Rankings. Want to know who has the most liberal and most conservative voting records in the Legislature? Turn to IMP, where we carefully follow each and every vote legislators make — just as we have for decades. Accept no substitutes.
  • Congress/Legislature Charts. Having trouble keeping races straight for Congress, state House and state Senate? IMP breaks it all down for you, so you know which seats are truly competitive, complete with our signature charts. There's a reason why you'll find them posted in offices around Lansing — and across the state.
  • They Said It. We dig deep for our roundup of the best political quotes about Michigan politics –– which will probably make you bust out laughing or shake your head.
  • Winners and Losers. Want to know who's up and who's down? Every issue, IMP tells you which politicos scored big victories and which ones are licking their wounds.
  • Exclusive Polling. IMP commissions polls on a wide variety of candidates and issues. You'll get in-depth analysis that no one else does. Furthermore, as an IMP subscriber, you’ll get a free copy of any poll’s “cross tabulations” (according to geography, age, race, gender, ideology, etc.) if you request it.
  • Top-notch political handicapping. We've been picking winners for decades. Here's how we've done in recent elections:
  • In 2014, IMP said a week before the election that Mark Schauer wasn't closing the gap and Gov. Rick Snyder would be re-elected. We predicted Gary Peters would win the U.S. Senate seat by a big margin. IMP told you Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson would be re-elected. We also predicted the state Senate Republicans would keep their supermajority and the GOP would maintain their 9-5 majority in the Michigan congressional delegation.
  • In 2012, IMP said Pete Hoekstra would get "blown away" by double digits by U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Barack Obama would once again carry Michigan. We predicted that the Democrats wouldn't flip the state House, and the state education races were likely to turn out exactly the way they did back in 2006 and 2008, when the Democratic nominees swept all eight. That's exactly what happened.
  • In 2010, IMP said Rick Snyder would defeat Virg Bernero for governor in a "blowout." We predicted future SOS Ruth Johnson and future AG Bill Schuette. IMP told you the GOP would likely flip the state Supreme Court, knocking off incumbent Justice Alton Thomas Davis. We even predicted the Democrats would fall into a 26-12 super minority in the state Senate and the GOP was likely to recapture the state House. And IMP foresaw that Republicans would sweep the state election board races.
  • In 2008, Barack Obama wound up carrying Michigan over John McCain by 58%-42%. That's precisely the breakdown IMP gave the news media the week before the election. IMP also wrote that "all...Michigan (U.S. House) incumbents of both parties should breeze to re-election" in 2008 except in the 7th and 9th congressional district where Democratic challengers would knock off the incumbents. That's precisely what occurred. A full year before the election, IMP foresaw that the House GOP would suffer big losses in the State House of Representatives in 2008 and fall even deeper into the minority. IMP was right on target; the Republicans' deficit was reduced from 52-58 to 43-67 — the steepest drop since the Great Depression. IMP also predicted the House GOP would come roaring back in 2010, and it did, regaining the majority.

    IMP has been cited in The New York Times, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, Roll Call, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, HOTLINE and the Associated Press.